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NEW X5 Multi-band
GNSS Receiver

Fixed Solution

One of the fastest ways to take centimeter-grade measurements. Connect your phone to the X5 over Bluetooth or WiFi and ready. Works with common GIS software that supports NMEA including: SW Maps, SurvPC and FieldGenius.

USD $ 1399 - Shipping in 25 days

Special discount for the first 10 units
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High Precision GNSS
with Centimeter Accurate Data

Multi-band & Multi-constellation:
Get a GNSS Fix solution in seconds even in challenging conditions.

With   Technology

Compact Design

Integrated Multi-band L1-L2 Antenna
RTK & NTRIP Engine

Bluetooth / WiFi / USB Interface
Data Logging internal Memory

FindX5 App

X5 uses Wifi & Bluetooth for configuration
with its own FindX5 App

Works with GIS softwares

Like: SW Maps, SurvPC and FieldGenius.
All that supports NMEA

Autosave data in UBX file inside

Internal Memory of 32 Gb

20 working hours in Logging Data Mode
and 10 hours in NTRIP Mode

IP67 Waterproof

Compatible with Trimble
SPS855 and other GNSS
Base Stations*

with our external
X5 LoRa radio

Download Datasheet
and User Manual

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