X5 Mobile

Submetric + PPK + NTRIP

Multi-band GNSS Receiver
184 channels with high precision
Modes: PPK and NTRIP
Red Laser indicator
Android, Windows and iOS*
HeliX5 GNSS Antenna

USD$ 999

*On iOS it is compatible with the SW Maps App.

X5 Mobile PRO


Submetric + PPK + RTK + NTRIP

Multi-band GNSS receiver
184 channels with high precision
Modes: PPK, NTRIP and RTK
LoRa Radio (915 and 433 MHz)
Android, Windows and iOS*
HeliX5 GNSS Antenna

USD$ 1199

*On iOS it is compatible with the SW Maps App.

High Precision Multi-band

A Submetric GNSS with centimeter precision data

All constelations: Tracks GPS/QZSS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BEIDOU and gets a fix in seconds even in challenging conditions.





PPK Ready

Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) corrects location data after it is collected. The X5 Mobile and X5 Mobile PRO can works in PPK mode. Only connect your device via USB port.

Our Free Cloud Service:

Processes the data and delivers precise coordinates with centimeter precision. Use all the reference systems used on the planet. Perpetual License for X5M users.

High precision in NTRIP corrections

Multiband RTK-NTRIP fixes with fast convergence times and solid performance. Only connect the X5 Mobile to your device with Internet data via USB or Bluetooth.

X5 Mobile PRO:

RTK mode with LoRa radio receiver

The X5 Mobile PRO receiver has RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology, which allows centimeter precision to be obtained through corrections sent by Radio with LoRa technology. Used with the GNSS X5R it can reach transmission distances of up to 10 km.

For Geodesy and Photogrammetry

Achieve high-precision geotagging by receiving GNSS data with an X5 Mobile or X5 Mobile PRO multi-band receiver.

Compatible with GIS, Land Surveying and Photogrammetry Applications

Also with Apps like Bluetooth GNSS or similar you can fully integrate the X5 Mobile with your Android device for use with any application where centimeter accuracy is required!

USB & Bluetooth connection

Data transfer connection via USB port and Bluetooth for easy integration with multiple devices and also powerbanks.

Red Dot Laser Pointer in the X5 Mobile

A red dot laser pointer for easy location of the points to be georeferenced in the field during the surveys.

Installable on a Rover Pole!

Includes an accessory designed to easily install the X5 Mobile or X5 Mobile PRO on a 5/8” thread on the rover pole.

The X5 Mobile in action:

Inventories of Road and Electrical Infrastructures

Efficiency and Accuracy in Government Supervision

In the field of infrastructure management, supervisory organizations have experienced a significant transformation by adopting our pocket-sized submetric GNSS receiver. The X5 Mobile has revolutionized field data collection by allowing efficient, discreet and accurate collection of geospatial information. The mobility and portability of the X5 Mobile makes the task of field personnel easier, eliminating dependence on bulky and complex equipment. By achieving submetric accuracies, measurements become more reliable, improving the quality of inventories and decision making. The X5 Mobile allows you to optimize resources and time, improving efficiency in the supervision of key infrastructures for true sustainable development.


Geographic information systems

Geospatial Efficiency in GIS Consulting

The X5 Mobile submetric GNSS receiver has marked a significant milestone in consulting in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This powerful compact device has proven to be instrumental in collecting accurate data. By using the X5 Mobile pocket submetric GNSS receiver, consultants can perform field mapping quickly and efficiently, providing their clients with reliable and up-to-date geographic data. The portability and rapid acquisition of GNSS signals improve productivity, while high measurement accuracy ensures the quality of mapping information. This innovative approach has allowed us to optimize decision-making processes based on geospatial data, facilitating the success of GIS consulting.


Geospatial Innovation for Agriculture

Comprehensive Precision in Delimitation, Soil Studies and More

The introduction of the X5 Mobile submeter GNSS receiver has marked a significant advancement in agriculture by providing a versatile and accurate tool in various field activities. When delimiting agricultural land, this pocket device speeds up the identification of parcel boundaries with submetric precision, optimizing crop planning. In soil studies, farmers can perform detailed mapping, facilitating decision-making on nutrient management and crop selection. Additionally, the X5 Mobile has proven to be essential in other crucial activities, such as irrigation planning, crop management, and monitoring weather variables. Its mobility and speed in geospatial data collection offer a comprehensive approach to agricultural operations, increasing efficiency and productivity in all phases of the agricultural process.


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