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UV-CAR | UV-C Disinfection for Taxis

We present the UV-CAR:
First and only Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Equipment (UV-C) that in only 3 minutes eliminates viruses and bacteria from the back of the vehicle. It is activated after each trip and without passengers on board. The vehicle must have the CAB (Bio-secure Isolation Cabin for its correct installation).

Main Benefits:

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, between trips in just 3 minutes..
  • Disinfection can be performed while the driver is driving, but always without passengers on board in the back..
  • The product has an automatic shut-off system after the 3-minute disinfection cycle..
  • It has a safety sound to prevent passengers from boarding while the vehicle is being disinfected. In addition, the product comes with safety stickers for the rear windows of the car.
  • Optional not included: 3.1Amp adapter with three auxiliary inputs, 2 USB and 1 USB-C, to charge other devices while disinfecting.


Several cab companies have already decided to take additional biosafety measures through the UV-CAR. In addition to raising the protocols against COVID-19, the UV-CAR generates user confidence and a feeling of concern on the part of the cab companies, thus positively impacting the experience and valuation of the transportation service..


The UV-CAR has been certified with Microbiology tests performed by the Pacific Control Laboratory, resulting in 99.9% inactivation of bacteria and viruses in the critical contaminated parts of the vehicle.

Validations and field tests were performed on a real vehicle.

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