The unmanned robot boat for mining tailings bathymetry

The Rover Boat is ideal for bathymetric surveys in lagoons and tailings. Designed with a system of shallow propellers to navigate in very shallow waters. With PPK and RTK centimetric positioning system.

Launch price: USD $12,000.00


The RB1 Bathymetric Rover Boat is designed for low water bodies. It features an extremely low profile and can be deployed in as little as 10 centimeters of water height. Two seven-inch fans provide smooth and fast movement from 0.5 to 2 meters per second.

As all propulsion is created above the surface level, the RB1 minimally distorts the water, ensuring high quality data collection. This is particularly important when measuring depth levels or detecting dissolved oxygen levels, as churning the water through underwater propulsion can reduce the accuracy of the data captured.

The RB1 navigates like a hovercraft in shallow, plastic-particulate or weed-filled water. Attention should always be paid to the RB1’s performance in places where it might get stuck or when there is not enough water, but it is a fact that the RB1 allows us to obtain data in many places where other boats cannot operate.

The RB1 unmanned hydrofoil boat is the ideal platform for working in shallow water where sending people could be dangerous.

Main advantages:

  • Includes GNSS centimeter positioning system PPK and RTK.
  • Requires a single operator in transport and lifting.
  • Easy export of data to specialized bathymetric software.
  • Includes battery set.
  • Ready-to-use system
  • Heat and cold resistant materials for operation in extreme climates.
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