Photography and Video


Air, Water, Land, Underwater, Underground, Thermal, Infrared: We produce audiovisual and creative content for demanding projects: corporate, documentary and scientific.


We are pioneers in the construction and operation of Drones/Airplanes/Boats/Robots and Unmanned Submarines in Latin America. We serve advertising agencies, production companies and construction, industrial and mining companies. We have hundreds of hours of operation in different regions of the complex geography of the American Coast, Highlands and Jungle.

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to develop customized robotic products: CableCam, PoleCam, Handheld Gimbal, solar powered and underwater Timelapse, radio controlled Parachutes, among others.

We have an Operating License from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and all the necessary insurances for the professional operation of unmanned systems with professional RGB, Thermal, Infrared, Infrared and Ultraviolet cameras.


Professional Photography and Video


We offer innovative solutions to clients who want to have professional audiovisual equipment and develop their projects integrating them with state-of-the-art technology:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in utilizing advanced technology across various terrains—air, water, land, even underground—to create captivating audiovisual content for corporate, documentary, and scientific projects. Our extensive experience and customized robotic products set us apart.

We operate under an Operating License from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, coupled with comprehensive insurances, ensuring professional and legal compliance. Safety protocols are paramount in every operation we undertake.

Our range includes CableCam, PoleCam, Handheld Gimbal, solar-powered and underwater Timelapse, and radio-controlled Parachutes, among others. Each is tailored to enhance the quality and diversity of visual content for various projects.

We offer top-tier 4K video recording using drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, providing stunning aerial footage for productions, events, and even underwater photography up to 300 meters in depth, ensuring unparalleled visual quality.

Our focus lies in offering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate professional audiovisual equipment with cutting-edge technology. From live streaming and logging to remote-controlled robots with high-resolution cameras, we ensure projects stand out.

We specialize in creating full 360-degree panoramic ground and aerial photography, allowing clients to offer immersive experiences. Additionally, our expertise extends to 3D LIDAR Laser Scanning and Mapping, adding depth and precision to projects.

We utilize specialized cameras like thermal and multispectral ones for scientific documentaries, providing unique perspectives and data capture capabilities not commonly found in standard productions.

Our projects span various industries, including advertising agencies, production companies, construction, industrial, and mining sectors. We’ve worked extensively across the diverse landscapes of the American Coast, Highlands, and Jungle regions.

We prioritize quality through meticulous planning and the use of reliable, cutting-edge solar-powered systems. This ensures uninterrupted live streaming and high-quality timelapse video production regardless of location or environmental conditions.

Beyond technical prowess, we infuse artistry and innovation into every project. Our goal is not just to meet but to exceed client expectations, delivering audiovisual solutions that seamlessly blend technology, art, and value.

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