Topography is a geographic information management technique using information and communication technologies.


We develop high resolution cartographic products at different scales and provide solutions for different sectors: civil works, archaeological heritage, architecture, urban planning, property topography, industrial plants, mining.

Generate high-precision and high-resolution topographic surveys, reducing the time and costs of conventional processes.

Photogrammetry: GSD > 2 cm/píxel by means of aerial vehicles.
Terrestrial laser scanning: > 2 mm.

Geomatics Airplane Red CC2
Geomatics Airplane

Generate customized solutions, equipping our aircraft with LIDAR, Thermographic, Multispectral or RGB sensors.

Achieve greater operational accessibility with respect to traditional topography, allowing topographic work to be carried out in difficult to access terrain.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Topography is a technique that involves managing geographic information using ICT. It aids in creating detailed maps, models, and surveys of terrain using modern technology.

Topography technology enables the development of high-resolution cartographic products at various scales, reducing both time and costs associated with traditional survey processes.

Photogrammetry achieves a Ground Sample Distance (GSD) greater than 2 cm/pixel using aerial vehicles, while terrestrial laser scanning achieves precision greater than 2 mm.

The Geomatics Airplane is equipped with LIDAR, Thermographic, Multispectral, or RGB sensors, providing tailored solutions for specific needs, enhancing its operational versatility.

It allows for greater operational accessibility in terrains that are typically hard to access, enabling topographic work in difficult areas where traditional methods might be limited.

They offer solutions such as 3D point clouds, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), plans with contour lines at 1/500 scale, and georeferenced orthophotographs.

A DTM represents the bare ground surface without any objects like trees or buildings, while a DEM includes all features on the terrain surface, providing a more comprehensive view.

The company provides plans with contour lines at a scale of 1/500, offering a detailed and precise representation of the terrain.

Georeferenced orthophotographs are spatially corrected aerial images that offer high accuracy, making them valuable for map-making and precise measurements in topographic projects.

Various sectors such as civil works, archaeological heritage, architecture, urban planning, property topography, industrial plants, and mining benefit from the precise and tailored topographic solutions provided.

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