We have the technology to carry out the survey of underwater surfaces such as lakes, lagoons, rivers and reservoirs through single-beam and multi-beam echo sounders, in order to detail the planimetry and altimetry of the land covered by bodies of water.


Continuous capture of the underwater bed.
Determine the topography of watercourses.
In combination with LIDAR technology and photographs, it allows for a comprehensive DTM (Digital Terrain Model).

Bathymetry underwater

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bathymetry involves measuring underwater depths and mapping submerged terrain. Our drone technology equipped with single-beam and multi-beam echo sounders allows us to precisely survey and detail underwater surfaces in lakes, rivers, and more.

Our drones use single-beam and multi-beam echo sounders to continuously capture underwater bed information, providing detailed topographic measurements of water bodies.

The combination of LIDAR, photographs, and bathymetry enables the creation of comprehensive Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), offering a holistic view of both underwater and above-water terrains.

We provide services for generating bathymetric maps, designing maritime civil works projects, aiding in subsea pipeline installations (oil and gas), creating navigation charts, and assisting in the assessment and restoration of rivers and beaches.

Our technology boasts high accuracy in mapping underwater terrains, ensuring precise measurements essential for various applications, including ocean research and underwater infrastructure planning.

Absolutely. Our technology aids in the planning and execution of subsea pipeline installations for oil and gas, ensuring accurate mapping and understanding of underwater terrain.

Our drone-based bathymetric solutions provide researchers with detailed underwater topography, aiding in oceanographic studies, habitat mapping, and other scientific endeavors.

By accurately assessing and recovering rivers, beaches, and underwater habitats, our technology supports environmental monitoring and helps in making informed decisions for conservation initiatives.

Certainly. Our technology assists in creating navigation charts that accurately depict underwater features, enhancing safety for maritime activities and navigation.

We tailor our drone-based solutions to meet individual client requirements, whether it’s for detailed bathymetric surveys, specific project needs, or comprehensive underwater mapping for various applications.


Generation of bathymetric maps.
Maritime civil works projects.
Subsea pipeline installation (oil and gas pipelines).
Navigation charts.
Situation and recovery of rivers and beaches.
Ocean research.

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