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X5 Mobile

NTRIP + PPK for Android & Windows devices

High precision for Smartphones or Tablets.
PPK and NTRIP correction system that receives data through the device’s Internet connection using a USB or Bluetooth connection.

USD 899 - LAUNCH PRICE (Stock available)

High Precision

GNSS with centimeter accurate data

All constelations:
GLONASS, and BEIDOU and gets a fix
in seconds even in challenging conditions.

With   Technology

High Accuracy &
NTRIP Corrections

Multi-band NTRIP corrections with fast convergence times and robust performance.
Only connect to your Android or Windows device, or a Powerbank.

PPK Ready

Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) corrects location data after it is collected and uploaded. The X5 Mobile also can works in PPK mode. Only connect to your Android or Windows device via USB port.

For Geodesy and Photogrammetry

with high precision geotagging.

Compatible with GIS, Land Surveying and Photogrammetry Applications

  • QGIS (Windows)
  • Pix4DCatcher (Photogrammetry)
  • FieldGenius
  • Survey Master
  • SW Maps
  • Mapit GIS / Mapit NTRIP Client
  • YCServer NTRIP Client
  • RTK camera (Photogrammetry)
  • and other applications that work with NMEA data!


Also with Apps like Bluetooth GNSS or similar you can fully integrate the X5 Mobile with your Android device for use with any application where centimeter accuracy is required!

USB y Bluetooth connection

Data transfer connection via USB port and Bluetooth for easy integration with multiple devices and also powerbanks.

Red Dot
Laser Pointer

It has a red dot laser pointer for easy location of the points to be georeferenced in the field during the surveys.

Installable on a Rover Pole!

Includes an accessory designed to easily install the X5 Mobile on a 5/8” thread on the rover pole.

Download Datasheet
and User Manual

Download the Antenna
HeliX5 Datasheet

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