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mini HANDY-UV | Portable UV-C Disinfection Equipment

We present the Mini-HANDY:

Portable and rechargeable manual Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Equipment. It has a 254 nanometer fluorescent and 6 Watts of power. Made of highly durable stainless steel.

Disinfection with Germicidal Ultraviolet light is a purely electromagnetic, non-contact method. It is simple, convenient, efficient, without secondary contamination and easy to use. The Mini-Handy UV uses Ultraviolet Germicidal light (UV-C) to disable and destroy the DNA/RNA structure of microorganisms, thus disinfecting aerosols and surfaces..

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  • 99% de efectividad contra virus y bacterias. Probado científicamente.
  • Desinfección de las superficies a una velocidad de 3 cms por segundos, a una distancia no mayor a 5 cms.
  • Encendido y apagado con pulsador manual de seguridad.
  • Gran versatilidad de desinfección: artículos personales, compras del hogar o Delivery de comida.
  • Batería 12V DC de alta duración. Cargador 220V incluido.
  • Elaborado con Acero Inoxidable de alta duración.
manija y ascensores metattec


Always thinking about people’s peace of mind, especially now more than ever, the mini HANDY-UV has become the best ally of buildings against viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19) due to the large amount of time we all spend in our homes and some even in their workplaces..

That is why today, joining all of us as true neighbors, it is already in our hands to provide the janitorial and concierge staff of our buildings with this portable UV-C disinfection equipment with 99.9% effectiveness. This will greatly improve their productivity in the work of disinfection, leaving behind conventional and tedious methods..

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