We are building a network of distributors around the world to deliver our products to end users with better prices and delivery times.

We offer our distributors innovative products, as well as technical, commercial and marketing support to help them grow their business.


We have sales advisors to give our Distributors all the necessary support for their orders, import and delivery. The Team will resolve all your doubts and questions throughout the entire business process.

Commercial Support


We are always available to resolve all doubts and questions either by whatsapp, email or phone. We also provide training to our Distributors so that they can solve problems on their own. We offer support through our specialized technicians. We do not repair equipment under warranty, we only replace it.

Technical support


All our Distributors will have access to exclusive material about our products so that they can create their own content. They will also receive support and advice on digital marketing in order to grow together. We have brand manuals to ensure a consistent image of our products throughout the world.

Marketing Support

Are you ready to be a distributor?

If you have questions or queries about our technology or products, write to us.

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