How does land surveying work?

Posted on August 25, 2022

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Land surveying is a discipline that for many years has been confused with topography because in both cases the same topographic equipment is used. However, they are independent careers, although they have points in common. It is true that both involve the measurement of land; however, in land surveying, land is measured and the corresponding plans are drawn up, while in topography, surfaces are delimited, areas are measured and their limits are rectified. 

Therefore, we can say that it is thanks to land surveying and the techniques and technologies used by professionals in this career, that both cartographic elements and a virtual design of plans, maps and charts can be established. 

Within the construction, mining and infrastructure sector, land surveying is an essential part of the projects, since it is necessary that a surveyor works on the ground before starting its execution. 

Next, we will see how land surveying works in different scenarios. 

Land surveying in road constructions

The role of the engineer surveyor, in this type of project, is to perform topography surveys.

Land surveying in cadastral registry

Land surveying in cadastral registry

In this case, engineers are responsible for the implementation of geographic information systems that facilitate the management of land parcels. 

Land surveying in mining 

In this economic sector, professionals focus on specific areas where they carry out a topography survey, which allows them to create and maintain project plans, whether the project is above ground or subway mining. 

Land surveying in other areas

The profile of a topographer is also essential in hydrological projects, since the topography survey they perform facilitates the study of canalizations, dams, among others. Likewise, it is useful in soil surveying, for the calculation of land clearing accumulation and the realization of digital twins of the terrain. Other industries where this professional profile is required, is in companies in charge of GPS, urban electricity projects, among others. 

Tools used by Land Surveyors

Tools used by Land Surveyors

The use of technology is essential for land surveyors to perform their work efficiently. Among the technological tools most used by this group are: devices that use GPS technology, such as drones or machines that allow them to process data such as the distance from point to point or location in a short time. In addition, they also use levels that allow them to know the difference in elevation of land; GNSS that offer greater precision in measurements; among others. 

Land surveyor activities

Among the series of works or activities that a land surveyor can perform in projects, are: 

  • Topography survey.
  • Topographer stakeout.
  • Cadastral valuations.
  • Industrial measurements or environmental impact measurements.
  • Photo interpretation, among others. 

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