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UV-PhotoAIR | Active and Constant Disinfection by Photocatalysis

Constant and permanent operation air purification and surface disinfection system by photocatalysis. It uses germicidal UV-C ultraviolet lights of 254 nanometers, our special titanium dioxide (TiO2) paint and ion generators. The radiation of the UV-C lights on the paint generates photocatalysis, which emits hydroperoxides into the air that travel through space constantly purifying the air, and as they descend thanks to the negative ions they disinfect all surfaces reached. The equipment can be used with people, animals and plants inside the interior space.


Main Benefits: (vs. Conventional Disinfection)

99% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria
Permanent purification of air and surfaces of enclosed environments
Reduces cross contamination
Significantly improves air quality
Odor control
Free of chemical and biological agents
Low maintenance and associated costs
Long service life
Laboratory certified product

Technical Specifications:

Total capacity of purified air exchange per unit: 233 m3 per hour.
Total UV-C light power: 32 Watts
UV Light Frequency: 254 nanometers
Current Consumption: 24V – 3.8 Amperes
Metal structure with electrostatic painting
Depending on the size of the bus, 1 to 3 units are required.
Optional air quality sensors.
Dimensions: Height 10cm, width 22cm and length 65cm.
Weight: 1.5 Kg.
1 year warranty

Main uses:

Ideal for environments with continuous flow of people
Clinics and Hospitals
Educational centers
Commercial stores
Food processing centers




  • Two models: Mini and Standard
  • Total purified air exchange capacity per unit: 60 and 120 m3 per hour
  • Total UV-C light power: 16 and 30 Watts
  • Power: 12V DC and 220 V AC
  • UV Light Frequency: 254 nanometers
  • Titanium dioxide TiO2 photocatalytic filters.
  • Negative ion emitter: 6×106 pcs/cm3
  • Metal structure with electrostatic painting
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 52 x 12 cm / 70 x 15 cm
  • Coverage area: 30 / 70 m3
uv-fotoair mettatec


The UV-FotoAIR has been certified with Microbiology tests carried out by Certificaciones del Perú S.A. – CERPER, which confirms the effectiveness of the equipment in the inactivation of viruses and bacteria both in the air and on surfaces in indoor environments.

Validations and field tests were performed in real environments and in the laboratory.

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