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The PPK Kit Phantom4 Pro is a non-intrusive adapter system to connect an Emlid Reach M2 or M+ GNSS receiver (not included) to a DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Advance model drone.

Main Advantages:

  • Works with M2 and M + modules
  • There is no need to open or modify the drone
  • Kit attaches and detaches in seconds
  • No batteries required
  • Ultra-fast Image Trigger Detector Sensor
  • Includes an LED light to verify the capture of each photographic shot from the drone camera
  • Lightweight micro electronics: 70 grams
  • Heat and cold resistant materials for extreme weather operation
  • Optional: Battery Add-on to keep the M2 on when changing drone batteries

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PPK Kit for Drone Phantom4 Pro. Turn your Phantom 4 Pro into PPK and get centimeter accuracy through your GNSS Reach M2.

We suggest you look at our Battery Addon designed specifically for our PPK KiT Phantom4 Pro.

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