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What is NTRIP?

What is NTRIP? NTRIP is the transmission of satellite navigation data over the Internet. NTRIP is the acronym for Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol, which refers to the transport of a data network in RTCM format via Internet…

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Qué es la topografía aérea con drones mettatec

What is aerial topography with drones?

Currently there are different aerial topographers that can be used for surveying terrain data. One of these technological tools are drones, which has made drone topography one of the most popular services currently offered by topographers. In this post we…

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Ventajas de ser piloto de drones mettatec

Advantages of being a drone pilot

Currently there are different jobs for drone pilots; however, this task involves much more than just learning to drive a drone as model aircraft hobbyists do.  Drones that are used in different industries, for example, in construction, infrastructure and mining,…

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