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Thanks to the UV-C lights and the powerful ventilation system of the UV-FotoAIR, the equipment is able to completely renew all the air in the environment in minutes (30 and 60 m3/hour). This allows to constantly purify all the air and surfaces of viruses and bacteria with an effectiveness of 99.9%.

Complementarily, Photocatalysis produces the massive emission of imperceptible micro droplets of hydrogen peroxide that travel through the air of the entire bus permanently disinfecting all interior surfaces.

We offer practical solutions for all industrial, medical, domestic, corporate and hotel applications.

Main Benefits:

  • Permanently disinfects air and surfaces.
  • Completely renews room air in minutes.
  • Operates with people in the environments where it operates all day long.
  • Does not require the use of cleaning personnel to disinfect surfaces from viruses.
  • Does not use chemicals or ozone.
  • Certified disinfection of viruses, bacteria, molds and
  • Peruvian Product – Metta Technologies Brand

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