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The best low-cost L1/L2 GNSS Receiver Kit for use with the Reach M2.

The M2BASE is a kit and a complete solution that allows you to convert the M2BASE module Emlid Reach M2 in a Multiband Base Station Receiver, screwable to any universal tripod for GNSS receivers. It is a modular system that allows for easy insertion of the Alcance M2 and a Radio LoRa (optional for multi-band RTK registration) using a routed cabling so that the Reach M2 can be plugged in and properly energized. The kit allows the Reach M2 to be easily attached and removed.


  1. High Accuracy Multiband GNSS Antenna
  2. A cooling system with a low-power 5V DC fan controlled by a temperature-sensing PCB that permanently measures the temperature of the Reach M2.
  3. One set of Lithium Ion batteries with 10,000mAh capacity. Tested for an estimated working time of 10 hours.
  4. Internal wiring ready to connect the module Reach M2 (Does not include the connection cable between the M2 and the Radio LoRA).
  5. 5/8″ GNSS tripod thread.
  6. Physical characteristics of the kit:
    Weight: 350g ± 10g
    Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 80 mm

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The most interesting feature of our M2BASE Kit is our new High Precision antenna compatible with the M2BASE module. Reach M2 which makes it possible to quickly obtain centimeter accuracy in Single mode:

  • Profit:
    B2 / L2 / G2 / B3 / E5b / E6:  44dB
    B1 / L1 / G1 / E1 / E2:  42dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle 360 degrees
  • Vertical coverage angle 5 – 90 degrees
  • Noise figure ≤1.5dB
  • Current consumption ≤50mA
  • Operating ambient temperature -40℃ to 85℃.
  • IP67 protection
M2BASE - Emlid M2
M2BASE - Emlid M2

Para la integración se requiere:

  1. Un M2BASE Kit
  2. Un módulo Emlid Reach M2 (no incluido). Nota: No se requiere la antena.
  3. Opcional: Una Radio LoRa de Emlid (no incluida)
  4. Cargador universal con salida de 5V DC y cable Micro-USB (no incluido)

Kit Components:

  1. M2BASE base station kit
  2. Cloth carrying bag
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