RTK Workflow with RTK Drones: The advantages of using the X5R Plus

The advantages of using the X5R Plus

In the realm of drone surveying, accuracy is the cornerstone of successful data collection. Among the diverse array of tools available to enhance surveying precision, GNSS receivers play a pivotal role. In this ecosystem, the new METTATEC X5R PLUS GNSS receiver with LOCAL NTRIP offers clear advantages in the field, compared to other GNSS products on the drone market such as the DJI D-RTK 2 GNSS receiver and other receivers. In this article, we will explore the advantages of the X5R PLUS with LOCAL NTRIP service in terms of versatility when used with DJI Enterprise and Autel RTK brand drones.

Data Capture with GNSS at Affordable Prices

Data Capture with GNSS at Affordable Prices

It is essential to acknowledge the importance of price or purchase value within the Topography and Geomatics equipment market. Therefore, this time we decided to share information about GNSS data capture using low-cost devices, as these have gained significant acceptance in the market. The demand for centimeter-level accuracy in various applications has been fueled by the increasing availability of low-cost GNSS chips in the mass geolocation market.

Centimeter Accuracy in smartphones? X5 Mobile GNSS Module

Centimeter Accuracy in smartphones

Now it is possible to achieve centimeter accuracy in smartphones or tablets with the X5 Mobile, a high-precision GNSS receiver that works connected to a cell phone or tablet with Android or Windows operating systems and has two correction options: PPK and NTRIP that receives data through the device’s Internet connection using a USB or Bluetooth connection.

What is LiDAR Technology? Advantages and Disadvantages

LiDAR Technology

LIDAR Technology (for Light Detection And Ranging) is a remote sensing technique that uses pulsed lasers to measure distances to Earth. These pulses of light, combined with other data recorded by the system, generate precise three-dimensional information about the shape of the earth or objects and features on its surface.

What is NTRIP? The Transmission of Satellite Navigation

What is NTRIP

NTRIP is the transmission of satellite navigation data over the Internet. NTRIP is the acronym for Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol, which refers to the transport of a data network in RTCM format via Internet protocol.

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