Benefits of using High Accuracy GNSS Equipment

Posted on August 25, 2022

Beneficios del uso de Equipos GNSS de alta precisión

Having GNSS equipment today is much easier than it was a few years ago. Even today we have equipment with GNSS technology that we use every day: smartphones. 

GNSS technology is a network composed of three segments: a satellite system, a ground control system and a user system. In the latter segment are the instruments or receivers responsible for capturing the signals from the former. Thanks to this type of technology we can see our position on the map in real time, fix the coordinates of a geographic point, facilitate the georeferencing of places, generate maps, etc. 

There are many benefits provided by this technology.

Next, we will talk more about those offered by GNSS equipment.


One of the great benefits of high-precision GNSS equipment is the level of accuracy it has. In order to offer a high degree of accuracy, GNSS equipment uses triangulation that allows to capture the distance of several satellites according to the time that the signal needs to reach the receiver.

Availability GNSS


Global positioning satellites guarantee their operation for a long period of time. This ensures that even if one of the triangulated satellites should fail, it is possible to use redundant satellites.


The data obtained by GNSS equipment has a high degree of reliability. To know the degree of reliability, the risk of loss of integrity, i.e. the probability of an undetected failure, is assessed.

Use of GNSS equipment for different economic sectors

Use of GNSS equipment for different economic sectors

GNSS systems are used in different economic sectors, providing inherent benefits to each of them; for example:

In the automotive sector

GPS technology is used to plan routes, follow them, and even find a vehicle. 

In the railway sector

It contributes to support traffic control, vehicle control and signaling. 

The aeronautical sector

Helps in autopilot guidance thanks to route planning. 

In the agricultural sector

Facilitates the optimization of resources through the identification of plots of land, the drawing of boundaries, etc. 


GNSS equipment facilitates the capture of data that can then be used to create or update maps. 

In topography

They are currently used as high-precision systems for taking topography and geodetic data. 

In construction and infrastructure

Devices with GNSS technology facilitate the collection of geographic information that can then be analyzed to prevent or solve management and planning problems. 

GNSS technology offers many benefits to various industries. Buy now the GNSS technology equipment you need, in our catalog.

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