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Cabling of towers and structures
using drones

Guide cable lifting service for the installation of overhead power lines and cables in general. We are the only company in Peru that provides this service, with more than 8 years of experience building and operating drones nationwide.

We have an operator’s license from the DGAC/MTC and insurance in the operation of RPAS drones.



This technology allows us to:

Wire several towers in a single day and fly in any type of scenario, improving efficiency in the installation process and reducing costs.
Avoid environmental disturbance costs.
Reduce risk to personnel when crossing private property or hazardous area

Our technological solutions:

Our drones include a radio-controlled tethering and release system, and live video cameras.
They can operate at high altitudes in the Andes, in severe weather conditions and operate easily in the coast, highlands and jungle.


Automated spraying and fumigation

Application of corrective measures on the ground using drones, airplanes or rovers: spraying and fertilizer spraying.


This technology allows us to:

Our advanced electric motors and autopilot systems simplify the operation and allow precise application of products according to the needs map generated earlier.

In the case of large terrain areas, we can prepare a drone or hybrid propulsion aircraft, which has a gasoline-electric generator that allows a great flight autonomy.

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